Will Jalen Hurts be the Eagles starting quarterback next season? (1/22/22)

The Eagles suffered a blowout loss to the defending Super Bowl champion, Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week.

The team as a whole played terribly, but specifically, the poor play of Jalen Hurts was put on notice.

He had arguably the worst game of his career, as he threw two interceptions, a quarterback rating of 60.0, and a completion percentage of 53.5%.

Ever since the loss, people have been speculating on whether or not Hurts has earned the right to be the team’s starting quarterback for 2022.

Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni said during Wednesday’s end-of-season press conference, that Hurts will be the team’s starter for next season, but just because they said it, does not make it a guarantee. The front office will certainly be looking at all of their options.

In my opinion, you give Hurts another season. He has plenty of time to develop, as he is only 23 years old.

Compared to his rookie season, Hurts improved his numbers all across the board in his second year. He improved his completion percentage and quarterback rating under a first-year head coach in Sirianni.

No other quarterback in the league was able to compile more rushing yards than Hurts. While Lamar Jackson missed the last five games because of an ankle injury, Hurts still had more success on the ground compared to Josh Allen or Kyler Murray.

He led a team to the playoffs that had lost their best edge rusher in Brandon Graham, starting left and right guards in Issac Seumalo and Brandon Brooks, and arguably the NFL’s best right tackle in Lane Johnson was out for an extended period due to mental health issues.

He took an organization that was 4–11–1 the year prior, and one that was dysfunctional because of the firing of Doug Pederson and the trade of Carson Wentz, and led them to the playoffs the following season.

And while Hurts wasn’t good by any means last week, a few of the other young quarterbacks in the league weren’t much better.

Kyler Murray had easily his worst start of the season in their matchup against the Rams. There was only one other game this season where he threw for fewer passing yards.

He threw zero touchdowns and two interceptions. His completion percentage was a season-low, and his quarterback rating was also a season-low.

While not as bad as Murray’s, Mac Jones’ play was subpar against the Bills. He threw two interceptions and had a quarterback rating of 75.8.
All of this is certainly enough evidence to give Hurts another shot as the team’s starter for next season.



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Miles Bailey

Temple University | WHIP Radio | Philly sports Phanatic | Work Hard Play Hard