Three trades that the 76ers could pull off in exchange for Ben Simmons (6/24/21)

After another early playoff exit for the fourth straight season, the Sixers should finally look to move on from their All-Star point guard in Ben Simmons.

The tandem of Embiid and Simmons clearly doesn’t work, and if the organization decides to keep Simmons then the same results in the playoffs will continue to rear it’s ugly head.

For years the team has lacked an actual point guard who could provide a team with lethal scoring, floor spacing, and someone who could come through in clutch situations.

Trade 1

Trailblazers receive: PG Ben Simmons, SG Matisse Thybulle, and PG Tyrese Maxey

76ers receive: PG Damian Lillard

It’s highly unlikely that Portland would want to give up their superstar point guard exchange for a player that can’t shoot and shot 34.2% from the free throw line during the playoffs, but they desperately need defense.

They were 29th in the league in defensive rating during the regular season, and so trading for two of the league’s best defenders in Simmons and Thybulle will drastically improve the team’s defense. To sweeten the deal they would get a 20 year old with loads of potential in Tyrese Maxey, who managed to contribute during the postseason.

For the Sixers it’s quite simple, they will be receiving a superstar player to pair alongside Joel Embiid. Lillard being one of the most clutch players the league has ever seen should help the Sixers finally advance further into the postseason and possibly make a finals appearance.

Lillard’s ability to also space the floor should give Embiid plenty of space to dominate in the paint rather than have him stand at the three point line.

Trade 2

Pacers Receive: PG Ben Simmons

76ers receive: PG Malcolm Brodgdon and SF T.J. Warren

Simmons won’t be the best fit alongside Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner due to the lack of shooting and floor spacing any of them provide, but they will be receiving arguably the best defender in the league, which would give the Pacers easily one of the best front courts in the association. This team will use their size to their advantage.

Brogdon would give the Sixers a point guard who is a threat from deep, as throughout his career he has shot 38.6% from beyond the arc while averaging four attempts.

Warren missed almost the entirety of this season with a stress fracture in his left foot. Being on the last year of his four year deal, the Pacers would have to give him a hefty contract in the near future, which I’m sure they’d like to avoid at all cost, so the Pacers giving up Warren this offseason makes plenty of sense for the organization from a financial standpoint.

Warren would provide the Sixers with three point shooting, as the previous two seasons before his injury he shot 40% or higher from beyond the arc.

Trade 3

Timberwolves Receive: PG Ben Simmons

76ers receive: PG D’Angelo Russel and SF Jarret Culver

Simmons would be a great fit alongside Karl Anthony Towns, who is the best center in the league when it comes to spacing out the floor and shooting it from deep.

During the regular season, Minnesota ranked 27th in defensive efficiency and 29th in points allowed per game. Adding Simmons would drastically improve the team’s defense, and the trio of Simmons, Towns, and 19 year old Anthony Edwards should contend for a playoff spot in the stacked Western Conference.

The 76ers would be receiving D’Angelo Russel, who is coming off a career best 38.7 % from beyond the arc. The floor spacing that Russel provides would greatly benefit Embiid’s game.

Not only would the Sixers add Russel, but Jarret Culver would also be acquired. Culver has not panned out the way the Timberwolves had originally hoped when they took him 6th overall in the 2019 draft, as he contributed very little while playing for one of the bottom feeder teams in the league during the regular season. He is in need of a fresh start, and him being only 22 years of age means he still has plenty of unlocked potential, and he should be a contributor off a bench unit that struggled mightily during the playoffs.




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Miles Bailey

Temple University | WHIP Radio | Philly sports Phanatic | Work Hard Play Hard

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