The acquisition of George Hill improves the 76ers as a whole (3/27/21)

Sixers fans were expecting a Kyle Lowry trade, but instead we acquired veteran OKC Thunder point guard, George Hill. While Hill certainly isn’t the same caliber to Lowry, he will be to help the Sixers in a multitude of ways that should help them make a deep playoff push. Here are different ways that Hill will have a major impact on this squad.

Added ball handling

The Sixers have been desperate for another ball handler. When Simmons is off the floor, they’ve had to rely on Shake Milton and Seth Curry to create the team’s offense, even though both those guys are more catch-and-shoot guys rather than playmakers. Hill is someone that you could rely upon to create offense when Simmons is on the bench.

Three point shooting

Who was the leader in three point percentage a season ago? George Hill. He can shoot the ball from three point range and space out the floor for our two All-Stars. The Sixers are currently 13th in the league in three point percentage and 28th in three pointers attempted. With the addition of last year’s leader in three point percentage, look for the Sixers three point shooting to improve.

Pick-and-roll action

George Hill’s biggest trait is his ability to play the pick-and-roll. Doc Rivers’ scheme consist of a lot of pick-roll actions, which should really benefit the Sixers offense as a whole. He will make a great pick-and-roll partner with Embiid because of his playmaking ability and shooting from beyond the arc.


People talk about Hill’s three point shooting and playmaking ability, but his defense is something that needs to be brought up more. Hill is 6' 4" with a 6' 9" wingspan, which makes him a long and athletic defender. The Sixers are 2nd in the league when it comes to defensive efficiency, so adding Hill would not hurt, but improve the Sixers defense.



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Miles Bailey

Temple University | WHIP Radio | Philly sports Phanatic | Work Hard Play Hard