Put some respect on Tobias Harris’ name (1/26/21)

Miles Bailey
2 min readJan 26, 2021

Before the season, us Sixers fans made it a big priority that we need to trade Tobias Harris. Literally every single trade package that we thought of had to include Harris. After the first game of the season, we were concerned that Doc Rivers wouldn’t be able to get the best out of him, and that we would be stuck with a mediocre player who happened to be way overpaid because no one would even think about trading for him.

Now we can no longer say that because Harris has been on an absolute tear this season. The Sixers shouldn’t even think about trading Tobias Harris, even if it would be for a star caliber player like a Bradley Beal or Zach Lavine and here’s why.

Best offensive player on the Sixers outside of Embiid

Joel Embiid has easily been the Sixers best player, but who else has stepped up offensively? Tobias Harris. He has been very consistent on the offensive side of the ball. In the 15 games that he has played in, he’s averaging the 2nd most points on the team with 19.8 per game. Harris is averaging the 2nd most field goal attempts per game on the team, while knocking down 51.8% of those attempts.

Reliable from deep

A big reason why we acquired Harris two seasons ago and then resigned him to a mega deal was because of how good he shot the ball from deep when he was in LA. He has not been that reliable three point shooter that we originally thought when we first traded for him, until now. Outside of Seth Curry, he has been the Sixers most reliable three point shooter. He is currently shooting a career high from deep, as he is attempting 4.8 attempts per game while shooting at a 45.8% clip.

Born to be a leader

Harris is often praised for his leadership. A few weeks back Sixers head coach Doc Rivers praised him for his remarkable leadership. In the game against the Toronto Raptors, Rivers stated that he was the one calling the shots and dissecting the matchups. Off the court Harris is a social justice activist. During the Orlando bubble, he was very vocal about the current social justice movements that were happening during the summer. He was a leader in the Sixers social justice message.



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