Eagles hire Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni to become the next head coach

Miles Bailey
2 min readJan 21, 2021

The Eagles have found their guy!!! Nick Sirianni is the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. After being the Colts offensive coordinator over the last three seasons under Frank Reich, he now becomes the head man in Philadelphia. Here are my thoughts on this hire.

Solid offensive production under him

Eversince Sirianni became the offensive coordinator three years ago, the Colts have fielded a top 10 offense twice. The Eagles haven’t produced a top 10 offense since 2017. In 2018, the Colts had the 6th best passing offense in the league, and they had the 7th best rushing offense the year after. Yes, Reich did have a lot of control of the offense, but Sirianni definitely had a hand in some of it.

Good at developing quarterbacks

Andrew Luck had the best season of his career under Sirianni. When Luck retired, Jacoby Brissett became the Colts starting quarterback, and then he had the best season of his career. Recently retired and 39 year old Phillip Rivers managed to put up good numbers, and he led the Colts to the playoffs.

Frank Reich 2.0?

A lot of us Eagles fans believe that Frank Reich was the reason why we won the Superbowl three years ago, and that he was the true mastermind behind Carson Wentz’s MVP season that year.

While I don’t think he was the reason why they won the Superbowl because I think overall that was just a special squad and lockeroom. He definitely had a hand in developing Carson Wentz, and helped Doug Pederson with the offensive schemes, game plan, and etc. Jeffery Lurie has shown that he still believes in Wentz and that he can bounce back from last season. Reich had a very close relationship with Wentz, and I think that Lurie knew that, so he decided to bring in Reich’s protege, Nick Sirianni.



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