Ben Simmons is Defensive Player of the Year (4/23/21)

Yesterday, the Sixers lost to the Milwaukee Bucks by a score of 124–117. The Bucks had control for the entirety of the game, as the Sixers defense looked absolutely atrocious.

The Greek Freak managed to have his way, as he put up 27 points, and one of his co-stars, Kris Middleton scored 24 points. They allowed the Bucks to shoot a blistering 50% from beyond the arc.

Most of this would’ve been prevented if Ben Simmons was on the floor last night. Every game you notice his presence on the defensive end.

No disrespect to Rudy Gobert, but Simmons is deserving of the Defensive Player of the Year Award.

Do you see Rudy Gobert guarding every position on the court? No. Simmons can guard 1–5, he’s been able to lockdown every single position on the court from point guard to center. He’s shown that he can lockdown some of the game’s best players.

Ben Simmons on Luka Doncic

Ben Simmons on Damian Lillard

Simmons is currently 7th in the league in steals per game and is 3rd in the league in deflections per game.

The Sixers currently have the 2nd best defensive rating in the league, only behind the Lakers. They are also 2nd in steals per game, only being behind the Grizzlies.

They are limiting their opponents to only 108.8 points per game, which is 7th best in the NBA. A large part of that has to do with Simmons’ terrific play on the defensive end.

Without Simmons, the team allows their opponents to score 112.8 points per game, which would be the 19th best mark in the league.

Over the last three games, they have let their opponents score 115.7 points per game, which would be a dreadful 28th best out of all 32 teams, and keep in mind that Simmons has missed the past three games with an illness.

They only average 7.9 steals per game, which would still be 10th best in the league, but not as effective with him on the court.




Temple University | WHIP Radio | Philly sports Phanatic | Work Hard Play Hard

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Miles Bailey

Miles Bailey

Temple University | WHIP Radio | Philly sports Phanatic | Work Hard Play Hard

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